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We're on a mission to bring goodness to our community

The Minneapolis Farmers Market connects local farmers and gardeners with Twin Cities residents to build a sense of community over a shared love of food.

Our market empowers visitors to develop a personal connection to the food they eat by learning where it comes from, how it was treated, and how to prepare it-
directly from the grower.

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Our Story

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As the largest farmer-managed market in the state, we serve as a community resource, a meeting place, a tourist draw, and most importantly, a place to access Minnesota's greatest selection of fresh produce, plants, and locally made products.

Our roots in Minneapolis started in 1876 at the corner of First Street and Hennepin Avenue. In 1937, our current flagship market opened at Lyndale and Glenwood Avenue north, marked by the three signature red sheds that still cover our market.

Today, we support about 100+ vendors who alternate the use of our 170 stalls.

The Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association (CMVGA) is a member-based, nonprofit association with over 100+ members. Our members directly market their fruits, vegetables and farmstead products at the Minneapolis Farmers Market to consumers.

The CMVGA manages, educates and assists in improving production methods and direct-marketing strategies for its members through related partnerships with the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Grown Promotional Board.

The CMVGA members use a wide variety of sustainable growing practices spanning from greenhouse farming, regenerative agriculture,  and hydroponics, to fields of fruits and vegetables along with improved practices for the production of farmstead goods.

The Minneapolis Market is a community resource, meeting place, tourist draw—and perhaps most, important—a place to get the greatest selection of fresh and local plants and produce with more than two hundred growers on the weekend, it is the largest Farmer/Producer managed market in the state.

The Minneapolis Farmers Market connects growers to gardeners and eaters and that connection is what makes it so unique compared to the average shopping experiences. It’s a place where you can experience your food, hear about where it came from, how it was treated, and even get ideas on how to prepare it—directly from the grower.

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