Nicollet Mall Market

Closed for the season

Nicollet Mall, in Downtown Minneapolis
between 6th and 9th streets

Offering the 50,000 people who call downtown Minneapolis home, as well as the returning downtown workforce an inclusive space for fresh produce, flowers and local goods from more than 60 local farmers and vendors from June - October.


Mpls DID and MPLS Farmers Market Partnership

Market Thursdays, a joint effort this year to present the best combined food and craft shopping experience downtown, and adding a variety of exciting and fun activities and entertainment to attract customers and create a welcoming downtown experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Market?

Click here for Google Maps directions. Our vendors are set up between 6th and 9th Street on the Nicollet Mall. Consider taking public transportation to find a route that works for you, please visit the metro transit trip planner website by clicking here.

When is the Nicollet Mall Market open?

Our Nicollet Mall Market is open 9 am to 2pm Rain or Shine., every Thursday from June 3st until Oct. 31st.

Is the Nicollet Mall Market handicap accessible?

We want to make sure everyone is able to visit and enjoy our Market. The vendors are set up on the city sidewalk and handicap accessibility is managed by the city of Minneapolis.

Can I bring a wagon or cart to carry my purchases?

We’d love for you to fill a whole wagon during your visit!

Are inline skates or any other type of recreational modes of transportation permitted?

For the safety of all our visitors and products of our vendors, we ask that you take them off while you’re in the Market vicinity.

Are dogs allowed at the Nicollet Market?

As much as we love pets, we ask that you leave your four-legged friends or any live animal at home during your visit. Service dogs are permitted, it’s helpful to staff to have it be clearly displayed.

Where can I park?

Customer parking is available through meter & ramp parking. Please park under your own discretion. The most common mode of transportation is walking.

Is there handicap parking available?

Only on meter parking provided by the city.

Do you have a bicycle parking area?

Bike parking is available through the city.

What products are in season right now?

MNGrown has provided a calendar click here to check it out.

Is everything at the Market locally grown?

Most of our vendors grow, harvest and sell their own products. However, with Minnesota’s short growing season (only 107 to 163 frost-free days), we also include produce grown elsewhere so we can offer you the widest selection of fresh food for the longest time.

How can I tell if a vendor’s produce is locally grown?

Every vendor is required to display signage featuring the Minneapolis Farmers Market logo that indicates whether they are a local grower, producer or manufacturer or a Minneapolis licensed reseller.

Are organic products available?

We know our customers have individual needs and commitments when it comes to their food, and our vendors offer a wide variety of products to meet those needs. Some offer organic products. Some follow organic growing methods but haven’t gone through the official screening process to be able to use the organic classification. If you’d like more information about the products you find at our Market, feel free to ask our vendors. They love to talk with visitors about their products.

Are Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBTs) or WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) coupons accepted?

We accept both WIC FMNP coupons and EBT at both our markets.

Where can I find an ATM?

The Nicollet Mall does not supply ATM services but we’d recommend checking out the skyway or neighboring businesses to get access to public ATMS.

Do vendors accept credit cards?

Some of our vendors accept credit cards but not all. You can help by bringing smaller bills and offering our vendors exact change if using cash.

I want to sell my products at the Market. How do I become a vendor?

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of this great tradition. If you would like more information or want to become a vendors, please email

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