COVID 19 Updates and Changes

The Minneapolis Farmers Market will remain open during the pandemic crisis.

We are implementing recommended safety protocols to protect our customers, vendors, and staff. As recommendations from experts and our partners continue to evolve, we will update our plans and practices. Please check back here before each visit for changes that might affect your shopping experience.

What we are doing

We are reorganizing our market site to improve customer flow and efficient shopping. We will be spacing out vendors further apart to maximize space for physical distancing. Please see the map below for details.

We will be using arrows to indicate the flow of direction.

Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be available throughout the market for customers to use. We encourage frequent and thorough hand washing.

There will be market staff and volunteers available to answer questions, to help address your concerns, and to hear your ideas.

There will be no sampling or food-consumption on site. Take-away only.

All secondary programs (chef demos/music) have been postponed or cancelled. The only programs we are going to offer is the EBT and Healthy Savings Program.

We will be creating a border around the market with designated entry/exit points. If we need to, we will be limiting customers into the market. This also means that there will be no customer parking inside the market.

What vendors are doing

Vendors will select and bag the items you want to purchase. 

Barriers such as empty tables, rope or plexiglass will be placed in front of every vendor stall to ensure appropriate distancing.

Vendors will be encouraged to wear gloves and face masks (required for food vendors). We are highly recommending that each vendor bring their own washing station.

Many of our vendors are accepting pre-orders to expedite shopping. Cick here for the list of vendors accepting pre-orders and you can place an order directly with them.

What we ask you to do

Distance and limit the duration of your visit at the market.

Maintain as much space as possible between you and other customers. 

While mingling and chatting have always been an important part of the market experience, given current health and safety recommendations, we ask that you minimize your interactions with others and complete your marketing efficiently. 

Shop solo. Send only 1-2 people per household. If you can, please leave the children at home. The market is not a place to gather and socialize at this time.

Pre-order and pre-pay. It limits the exposure of everyone.