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We’re Back!

Hello Darling, Nice to See You, It’s Been a Long Time …

It’s been a bluster-craze of warm and sun, rain and cold, and maybe a few flurries all making some of our little Minnesota plants a little nervous, and their owners keeping them home some Market days, but we are getting the glorious good fortune of seeing a few of our spring favorites coming from greenhouses, and now the fields—ready to eat (planting is coming soon!).

So what’s fresh?  Goodness, the green onions, from Afton Mist Farms arrived, asparagus from a handful of growers, and more to come, rhubarb, arugula (!)- these are some of the fresh arrivals that make that old Conway Twitty song, Hello Darling, Nice to see you, It’s been a long time pop into my head. Especially when I sink my teeth into that uniquely fresh crunch of the local, recently picked produce that we’ve missed all winter.  Click here to read the full list of what’s fresh.

Come check out the Lyndale Market any time this week, or next, or the next, any day because we are open all the time now, 6:00 am until 1:00 pm and though there won’t be full sheds for some weeks, every day forward brings more to the Market.

And the Downtown Market at Government Center opens this Thursday, May 4, 6am to 6pm, come check that out!

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