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Take A Little Walk On the Green Side

Many people don’t know that there are two separate Markets at the Lyndale site of the Minneapolis Farmers Market. The shorter sheds on the south side of the Market are actually the privately owned Annex. While on the North side, across 3rd street, under the long red sheds, you’ll find us- the Minneapolis Farmers Market; run by the City and the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association.

If you’ve been to the site this season, you may have noticed that the Annex portion of the market has undergone some changes of late–and brought in many new food vendors. This may be your chance to try some new things, but it might feel disappointing if you’re heart is set on an old favorite item.


With that in mind, the Minneapolis Farmers Market has some recommendations on our side.  If you are interested in brats and delicious pork specialty items we have three pork vendors serving locally raised and sourced meats (Tollefson’s, Smokehouse Snacks, and Utecht’s).  There are also a number of other delectable dishes, like Rainbow Chinese’s eggrolls and noodles, tortilla entrees, T-Rex cookies, breads, popcorn and more.

We are very focused on produce, plants and farmstead goods as well as foods to eat while you shop.  So come to the Market this weekend, buy unusual and beautiful garden plants, try some new foods and celebrate a mother in your life!


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