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Recipes for Spring Produce

Rhubarb Glory

2017-01-30T18:21:17+00:00 Categories: Recipes|Tags: |

Here are a few recipes of rhubarb from when we featured that product this year. Kim Ode's Confetti Salad of Kale and Rhubarb Rhubarb Iced Tea, Courtesy of Garden Country Cooking Sweet and Sour Rhubarb [...]

Live Kohlrabi “Pickles”

2012-05-28T20:56:05+00:00 Categories: Recipes|Tags: |

Live Kohlrabi “Pickles” courtesty of Kim Christensen, www.affairsofliving.com Print Friendly Version These naturally fermented, vinegar-free kohlrabi “pickles” are crunchy, salty, and tart, and very reminiscent of classic cucumber pickles. The natural fermentation process allows the [...]

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