Minneapolis Farmers Market Traveling Series- Nelson’s Greenhouse & Veggies

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Minneapolis Farmers Market Traveling Series- Nelson’s Greenhouse & Veggies

Little Darling – Visiting the Nelson’s Greenhouse & Vegetables

Driving away from the I94 traffic—from city to country (I know, I know, I know, getting to the Market this season is harder than usual but we’re going to get through it because we are Minnesotans!)—and troubles start to slide away with growing quiet, more birds, and more waving fields.  The city seems like everywhere away.  I took a couple turns, and find myself in Big Lake, Minnesota at the Nelson’s Greenhouse site.

This episode of the Market Traveling Series, we are visiting the Nelson’s Greenhouse, well, because I fell in love with the begonias.  If you haven’t seen the Nelson’s begonias (and of course they have all sorts of other flowers including outrageously beautiful geraniums and many other flowers and plants) you will want to come and check them out at the Minneapolis Farmers Market any day except for Monday.

These begonias are nearly fluorescent in their brilliant color.  They will take your breath away.

When I walked into the Nelson’s begonia greenhouse, I laughed out loud, not just because of the gleeful color, but Little Darling by the Diamonds was blasting out over all those colorful little heads, My darling, I need you to call my own, to never do wrong … and I am not kidding.  Those flowers seemed, well, like they were swirling and flaunting their color in that warm, humid, light.

I asked Dave Nelson what went into creating that spectacular color and quality and he said, “If you do it long enough and you watch how things grow, what happens … you learn.  I guess, you have to stay interested.”

So these flowers are the result of someone paying close attention for years and years, to exactly what they need in order to be extraordinary.  “We don’t use regulators like a lot of growers do, I just vary the temperatures, and pay attention,” Dave said.

This time of year bedding plants are big at the Minneapolis Farmers Market and we have dozens of amazing plant sellers that offer beautifully potted plants you can hang or place right out front, and unusual, remarkable plants your garden is waiting for.  I promise you—you will not find flowers like these at your standard store.  And.  Please.  Check out these begonias, at stall 453, 455 and 457.

Maybe, when you bring some of the Nelson’s flowers home to your place, you bring just a little bit of that country peace with you, at least that’s how I feel every time I look at my brilliant flower boxes.

And, maybe the Diamonds had it right that my love was just for you, only you.


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