This month holds the best holiday of the year, if you ask me.  It’s not divisive, exclusive, expensive, or insane—it’s simply grateful—seeing the people and things around you and deeply appreciating them, and then preparing and sharing a feast in celebration of all that.  Could it possibly get any better?

The Market is particularly grateful this year—this difficult year with its closed roads and cool wet days meant it wasn’t an easy year for many growers or shoppers.  But there you came, traversing through the closed roads, bridges, tunnels, and detoured routes—and you bought produce and flowers by the pound.  And maybe you:

  • Enjoyed a brat or an eggroll?
  • Watched a cooking demonstration and learned a new thing to try?
  • Met friends, or made friends?
  • Escaped the regular stores for a fresh-air Market?
  • Just took in the beautiful diversity of our city wandering up and down the sheds?
  • Came for inspiration and good smells?

Whatever your reason for being part of the Minneapolis Farmers Market family—we are grateful for you!

Next year is going to be one of the best years ever.  Construction promises to be less invasive and vendors have ordered seeds and transplants, and are preparing fields and greenhouses for next year’s growth already.  We are going to take you along the grower’s journey this winter—so you know the story of your food all the way through the seasons.

So, while you can still find squash, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and a few other things periodically when you visit the Market with the meat, eggs and cheese on our winter Market days (schedule/link), this time of year is a lot about preparing for a new season which we look forward to sharing with you!

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