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Fresh & Local Podcast – The Propane Crisis

Fresh and Local podcast All the stories you’ve read on this winter’s propane crisis have been about the impact on people in their homes.  But there’s another side to the story: the impact on farmers.  Paul Nelson of Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm shares his story.

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Guest on the show this week:

PaulNelsonpixPaul Nelson has been with Untiedt’s since he married his wife 14 joyful years ago (he said it is amazing sometimes what the in-laws get you into). His role varies daily but predominately includes assisting with planning, planting, growing, harvesting, sales, marketing, employee management and development and trying to implement many of the ideas Jerry comes up with.

Before Paul worked for Untiedt’s he was a farm hand on his parents farm where he learned the value of an honest days work for 20 years. He also was an estimator/designer for a general contractor where he learned that even the best laid plans need modification every now and then.

The Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm means an awful lot to his family and himself. He said being able to raise your children to learn and value hard work, teamwork, and the great outdoors is something not every person is able to do in life. The Farm provides him with constantly changing challenges, which makes sure no two days are ever the same. There is something about farming that rewards your soul in ways that are hard to describe. It always amazes him what this Farm and its great employees can accomplish when they put their minds and backs into it!

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