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Fresh & Local Podcast – Mrs. Kelly’s Tea

Fresh and Local podcast Tea is the second most-consumed beverage on earth, second only to water, but what do you really know about tea? From fermented black teas to steamed green teas, we get the the 411 on tea from Mindy Kelly of Mrs. Kelly’s Tea.

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Guest on the show this week:
Mindy-KellyIn 1992, at the height of the coffee craze, Mindy Kelly was fascinated with herbs and making teas with them. She began bringing her herbal tisane blends to the Minneapolis Farmers Market. Shoppers loved them and were soon asking for real loose teas. After much research, Mindy came to the conclusion that teas being offered in the US were poor quality; bitter, tannic and old.  She began buying tea leaves and blending them herself. Over the years, Mindy and her husband, Brian, have visited most of the tea “farms” their leaves come from and to insure that no pesticides are used and that working conditions are humane and tolerable.

What makes Mrs. Kelly’s Tea unique then and now is custom-blending the teas daily from Mrs. Kelly’s own special recipes. Her teas have won many awards, including Best Flavored Black Tea for her Celebration Tea in a blind taste test with over 200 entries in the North American Tea Competition.

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