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Fresh & Local Podcast – Marie Porter

Fresh and Local podcast Renaissance woman Marie Porter bakes so well she earned the name Evil Cake Overlord. She writes, both cookbooks and memoirs; sews; creates products for Think Geek; and recently competed cooking-geekdom’s greatest challenge: Master Chef.


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Guest on the show this week: Marie Porter

If there was an award for the lifestyle writer who had taken *the* most meandering path to her ideal career… Marie would be a shoe-in.

Marie began her path of varied careers in the fashion industry, first as a spandex costumer, and later as a designer in the bridal, formal, and ready-to-wear swimwear markets. As a recognized spandex costumer, Marie released her first two books in 2000 – both instruction manuals on creating figure skating dresses.

Marie’s “career ADD” started manifesting during her 15 year fashion career, including graphic design (10 of those years)… and floral design (8 of those years). She was certified as a bridal consultant at the age of 16, received comprehensive training as a bartender from a leading bartending institute, and became an award winning cake artist.

Awards she has earned include a gold medal at the Upper Midwest Bakery Association convention, the Twin City Bridal Association’s ICON award in the “Excellence in Cake Design” category (Judged by Sylvia Weinstock!), and being named the 2012 “Czar of Cakes”.

These days, Marie Porter is Celebration Generation’s publisher and primary author. In 2010, she released her first cookbooks, “The Spirited Baker“, followed by “Evil Cake Overlord”.

Left without a kitchen after a tornado destroyed her house, Marie wrote and published “Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir“, and then moved on to writing a new series of spandex sewing manuals, including “Sewing for Skaters“, “Synchro Swimwear“, and “Sewing for Gymnasts“, with many more titles in the works.

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