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Take a minute to look through these recipes given to us by those who have participated in the Market Talk learning series, the Little Locavore sessions or Sunday Cooks. They showcase Minnesota’s wide variety of delicious produce. We will continue to add new recipes for more fruits and vegetables when they are in season. All of the fresh ingredients can be found at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. Enjoy!

Power Cauliflower Crystal Grobe, Cafe Cyan
5 Nights of Cooking, Lee Svitak Dean, Star Tribune Taste Editor
From Bonnie’s Kitchen to Yours, Bonnie Dehn,
Recipes from Tammy Wong
, Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and Bar
Recipes from Bill Roehl, The Pepper King
Wild Rice and Squash recipes from Kim Christensen, Affairs of Living

Recipes from Emily Noble, Noble Plate
Sunrise Black Pepper Pasta, Arugula in a Coconut Cream Sauce
Recipe Card 1
Recipe Card 2

Recipes from Dunja Gulin

Recipes from Tracy Yue, One Dish At A Time

Recipes from Tracey Paska, Tangled Noodle

Recipes from Sara Rice
, FoodifbyLandFoodifbySea

Recipe from Susan Powers, Rawmazing

Recipes from Natasha Singh, Healthy and Gourmet
Recipe Card 1
Recipe Card 2

Recipes from Anna Christopherides, Gardens of Salonica


Golden Beet Salad with a Pickled Onion Twist, courtesy of Healthy Life, Happy Cook

Look at how to make natural food dye using beets: Natural Red Food Dye