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Cool New Visitors at the Market

Fresh ginger, with its thin, pink skin hardly looks like the crusted over variety you’ll find in the groceries.  I bought some from the Xai Kfu farm stand, and put together a stir fry this week that was one of the zippiest tasting dishes I’ve ever tasted.  The fresh variety is much more full-flavor so you don’t need as much.

And don’t throw away the leaves, per the grower’s advice, wash, snip and boil them for your own cup of ginger leaf tea that you can sip on while you make your delicious dinner—a very refreshing drink. Visit the Xai Kfu farm’s stall #445 to get your ginger while it’s fresh.

Owners of Xai Kfu Farms Stall #445

And try some fresh garlic to pair with that ginger, or let stand alone, try one (or all!) of the seven garlic varieties that Shady Acres is selling this year at stall #233 and 231.  Shady Acres has been trying its hand at some different varieties of garlic—from hearty, cold climates around the world (even Russia!) that offer unique flavors: buttery, mellow, spicy, etc. I took home the hot variety which has a delicious and unusual punch.  I plan to try them all, one by one, in a stir fry … with a little ginger, and some scallions, peppers and cabbage and then add chicken from Bar 5.

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