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Get To Know Appleberry Farms!

Rita and Paul are artists—this is what you think when you pass by their 3 stalls (#335, 333, and 331) where their beautiful flowers fill about two-thirds of their space, and fruits, vegetables and some jams and canned goods fill the rest (and even beautiful paintings that both of them create line the edge of their truck).

A couple stopped by for some of their beautiful flowers!

When I talked with Rita, the strawberries were just about to make their debut—but it was the glorious cut flower bouquets that stole my attention–colors of flowers that I have never seen before: a deep reddy, purply thing that is beyond description.  The colorful and very artistic bouquets tumble up and down the table, and remind you a bit of a Monet painting.  “We developed a lot of our own colors, a little yellow mixed in with the purple is one.  But we’ve never commercialized.  My favorite is probably the false indigo, but there are so many I love,” Rita said.

These flowers, truly, cannot be bought anywhere else.  In fact, while Rita and I talked, a couple stopped and bought a bouquet with this rich red, purple, color to take to the hospital to welcome their first, brand new grandson. (photo)

Hand grow everything since 1975 from their farm a few miles from Lanesboro, the couple makes their more than two hour trek to the Market every weekend.  “We leave home about 3 in the morning or so, and we pick a lot of what we sell the night before—we always want to bring the freshest pick.”  And the photographs don’t come close to capturing these flowers’ beauty—you have to come and see them.

And Rita shared with customers how to make these bouquets last:  change their water every day in hot weather.  When a bloom begins to fade and droop, pinch it off and another will come.

The freshest pick, the tender care of these plants and their uniqueness is exactly why the Farmers Market is such a glorious opportunity for you—it’s like you’re buying a little piece of all the love that goes into it.


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