Minneapolis Farmers Market Presents Fifth Annual COUNTRY Financial ® Chef Challenge

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What and how we eat is part of our cultural story—this event is designed to connect the grower, preparer and the eater in a fun-filled atmosphere where we all participate in what it takes to put fresh, [...]

Laura Bonicelli Hosts Market Talk at Minneapolis Farmers Market

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Join Chef Laura Bonicelli from Bonicelli Kitchen and Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery, as she fills tortillas with produce fresh from the Market on Saturday.  Chef Bonicelli is known for her creative ideas --especially with fresh [...]

Pesto Making Market Talk With Bonnie Dehn

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Do you think pesto comes in only one flavor? This Saturday, join Bonnie Dehn of Dehn's Gardens, who has 54 specialty pestos.  In a fun-filled hour-long session on making pestos--Bonnie will give you the recipes [...]

Chef vs Chef Challenge!

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This Saturday, July 23, the Minneapolis Farmers Market welcomes the Minnesota Beef Council to our 10:30 a.m. Market Talk!  The program will feature two local student chefs, who will face off in a challenge to pair our local [...]

MARKET TALK: Tina Rexing on Competitive Baking

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State fair season is upon us! If you're thinking of entering a baked good in competition, this is a Market Talk you cant miss! Come with your questions, your recipes and/or your homemade treats this [...]

Welcome “Ariel’s Backyard” To The Market!

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We are excited to welcome a new vendor into the Minneapolis Farmers Market family, Ariel’s Backyard is selling fresh (and I mean fresh, some of it is still growing!) aquaponics grown lettuce that means absolutely no chemicals or pesticides [...]

MARKET EVENT: Visit The Minnesota Pork “Oink Outings” Booth

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Visit the Oink Outings booth this weekend to talk with pig farmers about pigs, pork and pig farming in Minnesota. For every question you ask of a pig farmer they will donate 1 pound of [...]

MFM On The Road: Home At the Eichten’s

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When you approach the Eichten family farm from the highway and see the majestic bison out in the grassy fields, you can’t help but hum “Home on the range,” as you pull in and pass the [...]

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