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Can’t Pick (Pun Intended)!

This is the time of year when the Market’s tables start to explode with color, freshness and possibility.  How on earth can you pick to feature just one kind of produce when just these past couple weeks we have said “hello!” to corn, tomatoes, raspberries, peppers- and yes, even blueberries-have been spotted?  And this isn’t even close to everything that’s coming!

While we are tallying, we haven’t even mentioned the amazing lily displays, sunflowers and other breath-stopping floral bouquets that pop out up and down every aisle and in nearly every arm.  And let’s not talk about what kinds of spectacular floral creations you can get for well under $10.

Today when I walked through the Wednesday morning quieter Market aisles (the weekdays are fantastic option for a great selection of produce and plants and no big crowds!)—I had to stop and just take in the amazing smells all around me:  the dill, the raspberries, strawberries, the BASIL.  The season of abundance is beginning to open wide.  I invite you to come and take a whiff.

The tables are getting quite full under the long red sheds—every weekend you will spot something new.  Today I saw my first striped squash.

There is a twinge of sadness, of course; it can’t be helped.  We are nearing a complete farewell to the asparagus, the currants are dwindling, and others, too will go, leaving openings for the late summer bounty, the melons, the apples, but let’s not rush it.

Let’s pause here and be grateful for the sun, the rain, the bees, the growers and we all—the eaters.  Come taste the best of Minnesota at the Minneapolis Farmers Market open every single day until November, from six in the morning until one in the afternoon.

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