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The apple of your eye is right here at the Minneapolis Farmers Market

2017-08-24T10:11:23+00:00 Categories: Growing, Learning, Meeting|Tags: , , , , |

Ok, we all know we’ve been waiting for apples since, well, last November. Real apples, apples with a story, a history, a family, and a flavor so sweet and tangy that clichés have been written about [...]

Leaving the Wild in the Wild Rice—Scenic Rivers Wild Rice at the Minneapolis Farmers Market

2017-01-30T18:20:36+00:00 Categories: Eating, Meeting|Tags: , , , |

If you haven’t had real wild rice, well, you haven’t had wild rice. The difference between wild grown and found wild rice that is hand-picked and slow roasted and the stuff that’s cultivated and mechanically harvested and [...]

Picha Farms- Putting the Eden in Eden Prairie since 1903

2017-01-30T18:20:36+00:00 Categories: Meeting, Vendors|Tags: , , |

Winding your way through Eden Prairie’s well developed neighborhood streets, you begin to wonder if Google Maps could possibly have it wrong, because you are, after all, in search of a family farm that is able to [...]


2017-01-30T18:20:36+00:00 Categories: Eating|Tags: , , |

Creation: Chef Marc Paavola , Craftsman Restaurant INGREDIENTS 1 Each Zucchini, shaved 1 Each Cucumber, shaved 1 Each Diakon Radish, julienned 1 Each Onion, red, julienned 1 Each Bell Pepper, small, julienned 2 Each Cilantro [...]

Drop dumplings with reduced carrot juice and summer vegetables

2017-01-30T18:20:36+00:00 Categories: Eating|Tags: , , |

Recipe From Chef Danny del Prado... Carrot Reduction: 4 pounds peeled carrots 2 tablespoons fish sauce Drop Dumplings: 2 cups all purpose flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 3/4 cup milk 2 tablespoons olive [...]

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