Along with those produce and plants … a bite to eat?

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Along with those produce and plants … a bite to eat?

Two weeks ago we invited you to take a survey so we here at the Market could do an even better job of giving you the experience you are looking for when you visit the Minneapolis Farmers Market.  We learned that for many of you (55%) your main reason to visit is purchasing fresh, good value produce and plants—and 30% have a main focus of what’s ready to eat right there at the Market.

As we already have the largest fresh produce selection in the Midwest available for you—the Minneapolis Farmers Market decided to add just a couple new items to eat and drink while you shop that feature fresh and local ingredients.  This weekend on the Market side (North side, long red tents) you will find two vendors selling fresh roasted corn:

  • Bruce Smith corn, at stall #201, 203 and 205
  • Rolf’s Produce, #222, 224, 226 who along with corn also roasts other vegetables.

Tammy Wong of Rainbow Chinese, will offer fresh drinks made with the season’s finest ingredients blended together in interesting (and delicious) ways—this weekend will feature strawberry rhubarb drink, which you can find at stall #213.

The Minneapolis Farmers Market has delicious food that you do not want to miss!





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