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Let’s get straight to it: Farm to Face. We’re all about it.

FARM2FACE2“Oh, I’ve been coming to the Minneapolis Farmers Market for more than thirty years, and now that we’re retired we come a few times a week, get a cup of coffee and see what’s new at the Market this week,” said a loyal Minneapolis Market friend. “This Market and these growers here are part of our lives.”

The Minneapolis Market is a community resource, meeting place, tourist draw—and perhaps most, important—a place to get the greatest selection of fresh and local plants and produce with more than two hundred growers on the weekend, it is the largest market in the state.

“We have so much diversity at this market,” said market manager, Pat Nelson, “from unusual plants you won’t find anywhere else, to specialty herbs like pepper grass, peppers, Asian greens, and of course the usual suspects like corn, tomatoes, apples, all of which are coming before we know it.”

The Minneapolis Farmers Market connects growers to gardeners and eaters and that connection is what makes it so unique compared to the average shopping experiences. It’s a place where you can experience your food, hear about where it came from, how it was treated, and even get ideas on how to prepare it—directly from the grower.

This is exactly why the Minneapolis Farmers Market is calling its new Campaign for support of the Market: Farm to Face, these foods are going straight to your mouth.

The Farm to Face Campaign gives friends of the Minneapolis Farmers Market a way to support the market so we can continue to support local growers, do some improvements to the market, like adding some gathering places, and even supporting the EBT program so all people have access to fresh food.

A gift in any amount will give you recognition on, and a gift of $50 or more will get you one of our Farm to Face tee-shirts! A gift of $100 or more, and you will receive a small basket of the freshest produce we have to offer and a tee-shirt! And for the truly committed supporter, a gift of $150 or more means, along with that tee-shirt, you will also receive a large basket of fresh produce basket delivered to your door with the best this season has to offer.

Consider supporting the Minneapolis Farmers Market.

And this weekend, stop by the tent next to the little shop and tell us what the Minneapolis Farmers Market means to you—we’ll record it—because this Market’s story is the story of our community.

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